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 Coming out / Disclosure of Sexual Identity

1. Have you been questioning about your opposite-sex attraction?

2. How comfortable are you with your same-sex attraction or gay/lesbian sexuality?

3. Are you knowledgeable about homosexuality should you be asked questions about it? Would you like to have some more resources/information about homosexuality?

4. Do you have any support or resources should your friends/family react badly?

5. What is the emotional climate at home? Is the family stressed? Is this the right time to reveal your sexuality? Will they be more accepting at another time?

6. What is your general relationship with your parents/family? Do you speak about intimate details or generally not? If not, how will any discussion of sexuality go over?

7. What are your parents’ social and religious views on homosexuality?

8. Are you financially dependent on your family? What would you do if they cut off your financial support on learning of your homosexuality?

9. Is it your decision to reveal your sexuality, or are you under pressure form elsewhere?

10. Have you experience negative reactions? Any homophobic discrimination or violence?

11. Do you feel stressed about the family conflict or negative reactions about your sexual or gender identity? How are you coping with that?

12. Do you have someone to talk to or help you while you’re going through this?

13. How comfortable are you in telling other people around you? Would you like to be selective on whom you tell? (see grid below)

To Whom   
























 Partner / spouse    












 Other relatives    












 Sports teammates / coach






 Colleagues / co-workers 






 Boss / supervisors 






 Business contacts 






 Neighbours / landlords  






 Other health care providers






 Religious associates           













(This section is adapted from Peterkin & Risdon, 2003, pp. 101, 178, 190)