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Are you being treated professionally and without bias?

When considering a professor, mentor or teacher in your medical training, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they respect my work?

  • Do they provide constructive feedback?

  • Do they listen to me without racial or gender bias?

  • Do they counsel me on professional decisions?

  • Do they adhere to the highest professional ethics?

All forms of harassment, of students or patients, are absolutely unacceptable.


Think of a time when you have experienced or observed harassment or abuse. What form did it take?


How did you respond?


How did others involved respond?


In retrospect, how do you wish you had responded?


How can medical schools work to reduce harassment?


How can those most vulnerable to abuse be empowered to deal with abusive situations effectively and appropriately?


What will you do to create a climate of respect so that abuse and harassment will not occur?