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If you care about health, you should care about globalization.

The following sections in the module will help you to understand and answer some of these questions.  By gaining a better understanding of globalization you will understand how processes associated with globalization impact on health through communicable diseases (such as HIV/AIDS), non-communicable diseases (obesity and diabetes),  as well as acting through the social determinants of health, including labour, education, and socioeconomic status.  You will also see how women and children are particularly sensitive to the effects of globalization.  The impacts are disproportionately negative on their health - an effect which may be considered a double oppression of gender and globalization.

By the end of this module, you will understand how the combination of gender and globalization impact on health at both an individual and a population level.  Globalization and health is not synonymous with international health.  Health care professionals can advocate for patient and population health even at the local level. 


Slum life, Jakarta Indonesia. Photo by Jonathan McIntosh, 2004.