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General Objectives

At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate sensitivity to sex and gender in approaching patients with symptoms of CHD and medical problems related to cardiovascular diseases.

  • Relate medical facts to clinical practice through the use of clinical scenarios.

  • Identify sex and gender issues in clinical scenarios related to cardiovascular diseases.

  • Recognize that men and women experience and respond to acute coronary syndrome (ACS) within the context of societal influences and evaluate the impact of these differences in health outcomes.

  • Evaluate how sex and gender influences one’s contact with the health care system.

  • Analyze how health care providers understand sex and gender and how this influences the provision of care.

  • Explain and understand that gender is a social determinant of health and an equity issue.

  • Explain the importance of sex and gender as a determinant of cardiovascular health.

  • Explain why the impact of CHD on women’s health has been underestimated for many years.

  • Integrate the social determinants of cardiovascular diseases and their impact on health outcomes.

  • Describe approaches to prevention that encourage lifestyle change and are informed by an understanding of gender and health.

  • Apply an understanding of the roles of sex and gender to a variety of health-care problems, using the concepts learned in this gender and cardiovascular disease module