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Psychosocial Rehabilitation

While Ms Jones has to undergo several significant medical interventions, you understand that the patient will also need interventions at the psychosocial level if she is to recover.

You are aware of the importance of mood in the recovery post MI. Accordingly, you devise a care plan to address both the depression that can follow a heart attack as well that the depression you have correctly diagnosed in Ms Jones leading up to the heart attack following her divorce, her employment situation, heavy family responsibilities, decline in her standard of living and the effects on her children.

You explain to the patient the existence of a cardiac rehabilitation program at the hospital which focuses not only on aspects of physical recovery, but also counselling and a forum where women can talk about shared concerns and common issues in cardiac recovery. You ensure that she will be enrolled after her surgery and also ask what supports the patient will need to ensure that she can attend. This is important since women are less likely to be referred to such programs by their physicians and also less likely to attend when they are referred.