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Ms Jones undergoes an urgent angiogram that documents single vessel disease, she is successfully stented.

While she is in hospital, you continue to follow her along and visit her at the start or end of your emerg shifts.

Her work-up also reveals that as well as elevated cholesterol and signs of chronic hypertension she will need have her boold sugars followed. All of these will need to be treated with lifestyle modifications and medications.  You make yourself a note to read about metabolic syndrome when you get home.

While Ms Jones will receive medical checks through the cardiac rehabilitation program, you discuss with her the importance of regular check-ups and utilization of screening tests such as cholesterol, pap smears and mammograms  as part of maintaining good health. Accordingly, you offer her help to find a family doctor.

1.How do you help her find a family doctor?
2.What resources are available to help people find family doctors?