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The Gender and Health Collaborative Curriculum Project (GHCCP) is the work of faculty and students from the six medical schools in the Canadian province of Ontario

These medical schools educate students who will serve urban, suburban, rural and remote isolated populations and share a commitement to excellence in medical education.

The six collaborating medical schools sit together at the Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine (COFM). There are a variety of committees within COFM, of which the Undergraduate Education Committee (UE-COFM) of Undergraduate Deans is one. UE-COFM was interested in exploring the possibility of collaboration on curriculum development using emerging technologies.  The Gender Issues Committee of COFM (GIC-COFM) collaborated with UE-COFM to secure funding from the Ontario Women’s Health Council and embark on the GHCCP to create online learning materials for undergraduate medical students in the area of Gender and Health. The project is relevant to medical faculty and other educators.