Do you know the difference between sex and gender?

The difference between sex and gender

CanMEDS Gender Competencies

Gender and Health Modules

Introduction to Gender and Health / Introduction au genre et à la santé learn the difference between sex and gender and understand gender as a determinant of health!

Application Modules

Gender and Cardiovascular Disease a comprehensive look at sex and gender differences in cardiovascular disease, including stroke vascular disease
Gender and Depression sex and gender differences in depression, includes material on medical student wellbeing
Gender and Lung Cancer an introduction to sex and gender differences in lung cancer, including a focus on smoking cessation
Gender and Sexual Diversity an introduction to the health needs and concerns of LGBTTQI adults and youth, includes suggestions on conducting a bias-free clinical interview
Gender and Poverty / Le genre et la pauvreté a thorough exploration of poverty across the life cycle. Includes an introduction to food security and video mini-documentaries on immigrant health and poverty in the elderly
Gender and Trauma why are men disproportionately affected by trauma and women by domestic violence?
Gender, Globalization and Health a thoughtful introduction to globalization and why health care providers need to understand the globalization and how it impacts on the health of individuals and communities
Gender and Dementia a review of dementia with a specific look at sex and gender differences
Gender and Unintended Pregnancy a review of the gender influences on unintended pregnancy, prevention and response


Gender and Medical Education / Le genre dans l’enseignement médical explore the impact of personal characteristics, learning style, personality type and gender on career choice, module also provides content on boundaries and professionalism
The Gender Lens provides a framework to approach any health problem from a gender perspective

Modules Being Developed

Gender and Congestive Heart Failure a review of congestive heart failure and the gender influences on diagnosis, treatment and outcomes
Men's Health a specific look at the gender influences on men’s health throughout adulthood
Health as a Human Right through the framework of the millennium development goals understand why all healthcare providers need to understand health as a human right